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My Work Backpack Review

In this blog post I want to talk about work bags. I am a Surpervisor of an IT Project Managemebt Office. I have four project manager positions that I am responsible for overseeing their day to day work on projects. I carry several items back and forth betweem work and home every day. I have gone through numerous work bags over the years in an attempt to find a good fit for me. I’ve carried tote style bags, messenger style bags, even shoulder bags. This year I decided to give a backpack a try, and I love it! The backpack allows me to distribute the weight across by back on both shoulders.

In my search for the just the right backpack I did a lot of looking on Amazon and reading reviews and looking at reviewer photos. I did not want a backpack that would make me look like a college student, I am well past that phase in my life. I knew I wanted it to be black, and look both professional and cute at the same time.

I finally came across the Koser Laptop Backpack.

It comes in 2 sizes one that will fit a 14.1 inch laptop and one that will fit a 15.6 inch laptop. I opted for the smaller of the two sizes. It’s dimensions are 15.6″x10.45″x6.65″. This size works well for me and fits everything I want to carry to and form work with room to spare.

The backpack has two exterior side pockets and one sizable zip pocket on the front. The interior is a beautiful light blue color with two large slip pockets for laptops and electronics (or magazines and a planner) on the back inside. There are two smaller slip pockets, one of which has a mesh zipper pocket on it. This backpack also has a built in USB port on the outside that you can connect a power bank to on the inside for on the go charging.

Okay, now for my personal thoughts on this backpack. I love it! It holds a lot of items and has room to spare. I really like how it opens at the top like a doctors bag. This makes it so easy to load, view, and retrieve items in your bag.

Here is a run down of everything I carry daily in my bag:

  • My Erin Condren Life Planner in its planner folio
  • 1 Plastic pocket folder to protect loose papers
  • 1 ceramic bowl for my oatmeal I eat in the mornings
  • 1 Erin Condren zippered clutch that contains pens and pencils
  • 1 Travel tissue package
  • 1 Huggies Clutch and Clean travel wipes (these are good for everything!)
  • An extra charge cable for my iPhone
  • A small calculator
  • 2 small spiral notebooks for notes and lists
  • A small knitting project bag for lunch time knittingSometimes I will include my iPad mini and Bluetooth keyboard for working on blog post drafts during lunch. Also, on Mondays I usually will add in any snacks and oatmeal packets that I purchased while grocery shopping to put into my cubicle. I will also occasionally include a magazine to read as well depending on my mood that week.
  • As you can see everything fits nicely in this bag and there is still some room to add additional items. Right now I don’t really keep much in the side or exterior pockets at this time.
  • Click here to see the backpack on Amazon.
  • I really hope you enjoyed this review of my Koser Laptop Backpack that I use as my work bag. If you have any questions about the bag please feel free to ask me. Also you have any ideas or suggestions about topics you would like to see me write about please don’t hesitate to send me a comment.
  • I hope you all have a great day! And I will see you again on my next blog post.
  • Jess
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