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Episode 3: Must Have Knitting Resource Books – Show Notes

Another JessKnits Podcast episode is in the books……speaking of books, I talked about 8 different books in this episode. I looked through my entire knitting library and selected my top 8 books that I think every knitter and/or designer should have in their library. I’m going to go over all 8 books in the show notes here and also provide links so that you can purchase these books if you so desire.

First up is ‘The Knitter’s Companion Expanded and Updated’ by Vicki Square.

The Knitter’s Companion

This is a great little resource book, especially for beginner knitters. There is so much information in this little book. It basically covers everything you need to know in order to start knitting. My favorite part about this book is that it gives you pictures so you can see what your yarn and needles should look like at each step of a knit stitch, a purl stitch, increase stitches and decrease stitches. I used this little book a ton when I was first starting out. You can find a copy of this book on AMAZON.

This next book is also a must have for a new knitter. The book is called ‘Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters’ by Lisa Kartus.

Knit Fix

This is my go to book for fixing mistakes in my knitting. Have a dropped stitch four rows down……this book has got you covered! This book also provides pictures so you can see what your knitting should look like in your hands. Bonus….this book also covers fixes for when you have already finished your project but need to fix a mistake. You can find a copy of this book on Amazon HERE.

This next book is more for knitters who are starting to design their own patterns and are wanting to put their patterns out there for other knitters to knit. This book provides guidance on how to take your original design and write the instructions in a way that other knitters will be able to follow. This book has been like gold for me. The book is called ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns’ by Kate Atherley.

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns

This book helped me so much with my pattern templates. I highly highly recommend this book, especially if you are just starting out in designing and writing your own patterns. I found this book on Amazon and you can find it HERE. This book is definitely worth the money! It talks about naming your pattern, writing the instructions, copyrighting, selling your patterns everything!

The next two books I put into the Technique category. These are really good books to have in your knitting library. The first one is titled ‘Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary’ by Wendy Bernard.

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary

This book is amazing! I was so excited when I got it. This book gives you several stitch patterns, but the twist is that it tells you how to knit the pattern 1-top down, 2-bottom up, 3-side to side, and 4-in the round! The book includes charted and written instructions for each stitch pattern as well. It also walks you through taking other stitch patterns and converting them to suit your needs. Bonus – the book also has a few really cute patterns in it too. You can grab a copy of this book HERE.

The next technique book that every knitter needs to have is ‘Interweave’s Compendium of Finishing Techniques’ by Namoi McEneely.

Compendium of Finishing Techniques

This book contains information for finishing not just knitting, but weaving, crochet, embroidery. If you are looking for a variety of ways to finish your projects this is an excellent resource! You can find this book on Amazon HERE.

I know I said I had 8 books to talk about, but I lumped 3 books into 1 mention in this podcast. All three books were written by Barbara G. Walker (who is an amazing knitter!). They are as follows: ‘Mosaic Knitting’, ‘A Treasury of Knitting Patterns’, and ‘A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns’. These books are worth their weight in gold!

Barbara G. Walker books

I love these books! I get so many ideas for patterns from these books. The top book Mosaic Knitting is strictly mosaic motifs and only contains the charts. The red and blue books have the patterns written out and contain a variety of stitch patterns made up of knit/purl, cable, and lace patterns. I honestly feel if you are going to start designing your own patterns these books are an investment worth making. I’m including links to all three books, however I want to point out the Mosaic Knitting book in the photo is a first edition and is difficult to find, so I will have a link to the most recently published version.

This next book that I talked about has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing books to look through. ‘Knitted Cable Source Book: A Breakthrough Guide to Knitting with Cables and Designing Your Own’ by Norah Gaughan.

Knitted Cable Sourcebook

I am serious, the photography in the book is just beautiful! This book is an excellent cable stitch dictionary and is a must have if you love cables. Like most stitch dictionary books this one also contains some yummy cabled projects that you can knit. I highly recommend this book, and you can find a copy of it HERE.

The final book I talked about is ‘Alter Knit Stitch Dictionary’ by Andrea Rangel. This book is full of amazing two color knit stitch patterns.

Alter Knit Stitch Dictionary

Now, I do have to warn that this book, like the Mosaic Knitting book is all in charts. This book also has several beautiful projects to knit up as well. The patterns in this book are more contemporary and a little edgy I think. You can find a copy of this book HERE.

In this episode I also introduced my latest published design, Mountaineer Cowl. If you follow my blog you already know about this pattern, but here is another photo anyway!

Mountaineer Cowl
Close up of Mountaineer Cowl

This is a two color cowl knit stranded. The yarn for the diamond pattern is Malabrigo Mechita Yarn in the Anniversario colorway. The yarn for the background (Main Color) is Manos Del Uruguay Alegria yarn in the Pescador colorway. These two yarns are my all time favorite combo for knits. You can find my pattern in my Raverly shop HERE.

I also mentioned a sneak peek at my next cowl pattern that I am in the middle of working on. This is another 2 color mosaic knit pattern. I don’t have a name for it right now, but I will soon.

Sneak Peek

That pretty much is it for this third podcast episode. I’d love to know if there are any knitting topics you would like for me to talk about. Send me a message or leave a comment. Make sure to follow me on your favorite podcast listening app to be notified of future episodes when they are published. You can find all of my published episodes on Anchor at .

Until next time; Happy Knitting!


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