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Episode 1: Hello World – Show Notes

Hello world! My name is Jess. I’m a wife, a mother, and an avid knitter. Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast for my JessKnits pattern designs. You can listen to this episode on the Anchor app or the Anchor website HERE. In this episode I talked about who I am and gave a little insight to my knitting background. I also talked about what I am currently knitting on and my new pattern I recently published in my JessKnits Ravelry shop.

I’ve been knitting for 20 plus years and now I am designing my own knitting patterns. My mom taught me how to knit when I was a freshman in college. I started out with dishcloths and moved to fuzzy scarves with the fun fur yarn. I started designing in 2015 and published my first pattern called Lazy Blocks Cowl. My shop mostly consists of accessories at this time. I’m working on expanding the patterns I offer in my shop. I have my first sweater pattern that I have been working on for a while now. I’ll go into more detail about it in another episode as I move closer to being ready to publish it.

Lazy Blocks Cowl

In this episode I announced my latest pattern that I published in my Ravelry Shop. It is a cowl pattern titled “Rhythm in the Needles” and I am offering it for free. It is knit in the round using sock or fingering weight yarn. It is knit entirely in the brioche stitch, which I know can be intimidating. I also used to be intimidated by brioche. Once I figured it out, with the help of YouTube, I fell in love with it. It is so much easier than it looks, I promise. I designed this cowl to be super beginner friendly, I included the YouTube tutorial video that really helped me and I know it will help you too. I really hope that you will give it a try.

The first brioche project I ever attempted was the Harlow Hat by Andrea Mowry. I found her YouTube tutorials on brioche to be extremely helpful in learning to knit brioche. I included a link to the tutorial in my cowl pattern. I want every to get to enjoy brioche knitting. It is so much fun and very relaxing once you get the rhythm down, which is why I titled the pattern Rhythm in the Needles. (Don’t forget it is a free pattern!)

In addition to designing my own patterns, I enjoy knitting designs from other designers. Right now I am working on a beautiful mosaic shawl from Ambah on Ravelry. The shawl pattern is called Kirra Shawl. It is so pretty! I love Ambah’s patterns and especially her shawls. Her patterns are so clean and easy to follow. They are easy to knit and always knit up so beautifully. I adore her patterns.

IMG_9624 (1)

In this episode I also gave a sneak peek into the next pattern I am working on to publish in my shop soon. It is another cowl pattern that calls for two complementing colors of fingering weight or sock weight yarn. It uses the stranded knitting technique. I am so proud of how the sample I knitted turned out. I love wearing this cowl. The pattern is called Mountaineer Cowl and will be published soon.


I really enjoyed making this first episode of my JessKnits podcast and I hope you enjoyed listening to it. I’m looking forward to sharing my knitting and designing adventures with you. Follow me on your favorite podcast listening app to be notified of future episodes when they are published.

Until next time; Happy Knitting!


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July JessKnits Shop Promotion

How in the world are we already at the beginning of July?! 2019 is just flying by so fast. I’m excited to announce the July promotion that I am offering in my JessKnits Ravelry pattern shop. I’m so excited about it, that I am going to start the promotion a day early! Start on June 29th and running through the entire month of July I am offering BOGO on my published designs. Purchase 1 JessKnits pattern and receive a second pattern or equal or lesser value for free!

You read that right! All you have to do is add two JessKnits patterns to your cart and one of them will be discounted to be free! This applies to every pattern in my Ravelry shop. I’m really excited to offer this promotion as my hopes are that this will encourage knitters to not only purchase but to create a project and share it on Ravelry. I want so badly to see other knitters knitting my designs and sharing them in Ravelry so I can see them and comment on them and how good they turned out.

I have several new designs that I am currently working on and hoping to get published to my shop before the end of July. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of those. I’m also excited to tell you that I am starting the cuff on the first sleeve of my first ever sweater design. It is coming along so good. I am super super excited about this sweater. I’ll have to post a teaser photo of it once the first sleeve is completely done. It’s going to be great!

Here’s the handy dandy link to my pattern shop:

I really hope you will take a look at my pattern shop and snag two patterns for the price of one during the month of July. Please when you create a project page in Ravelry, tag me on it so I can see it. I hope everyone has had a good June and that your July is good as well.

~Happy Knitting~

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Spring is finally here!

I’m so excited that Spring is finally starting to show up here. My redbud trees are blooming out and are looking better than last year. Hopefully my dogwood will start blooming out soon too.

With the arrival of Spring comes the outdoor activities that tend to interrupt my knitting. For example, last weekend we had a family Jeep invasion down at Robber’s Cave. Did I take my knitting with me? Yes I did. Did I accomplish much knitting? No I did not. I also had envisioned finishing up a new pattern that I wanted to publish this week as well, but alas that also did not happen.

Also, a new adventure that we are taking on as a family that will slightly impact my knitting time (though it will no doubt create some amazing places you can knit photos) is kayaking. We bought three kayaks for our family and are looking forward to some fun adventures on the water. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for excellent dry bags for my knitting pass those along! My kayak has a “water proof” storage, but I don’t know how much I trust that.

Here is a picture of the kayaks for my daughter (orange) and myself (green) on top of the hubby’s Jeep.

I’m working this week and this weekend on finishing up the pattern for a new brioche cowl (very basic and beginner friendly) that I intend to release for free in my Ravelry shop, hopefully next week (fingers crossed). Keep an eye out for that.

Other items on my to do list for spring is to get my design studio cleaned out and cleaned up. I have some major decluttering and organizing ahead of me for that. Right now it looks like two tornados hit it! Once I get it organized I have a lot of ideas for decorating the walls to make it a really creative and inspiring place.

I have so many ideas and plans for my fiber arts passion, there is a lot of planning and work going on behind the scenes here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in the fiber arts world.

Right now I am tied up in brioche knitting. I am working on a hat and cowl set for my daughter, and I started a second colorful hat just because.

Keep an eye out for two free patterns to be released as soon as I can get the pattern writing wrapped up. I also have a sweater pattern that is in the middle of the design process and a tunic/tank design that is at the beginning of the design process. I’m super excited for these patterns and cannot wait to share them with you!

~Happy Knitting~


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Monthly Discounted Pattern: Lagertha Cowl

I’m going to be honest, I want people to knit my designs. I’m pretty sure that is one of the goals of all knit designers. Another honest moment, I started this pattern design journey but then I got away from the typing the patterns, taking the photos, and publishing the patterns. Sometimes life gets crazy and you have to let some things slide.

However, I am working my way back into it. I have three designs that I am working on typing up and editing. In the meantime I have a goal/desire to encourage more knitters to knit my patterns. I did some brainstorming and came up with the idea of offering one of my published patterns each month at a discounted price.

This offer starts today. For the entire month of April 2019, I am offering my Lagertha Cowl pattern 40% off.

You do not need a code to get the discount. All you have to do is add the pattern to your cart to get the discount. The promotion will run from April 1st through the 30th.

I’m very proud of this particular design and I wear it often in the fall and winter. The pattern features lace and garter sections which knit up quiet squishy and cozy.

For the sample I used Malabrigo sock yarn in complementary colorways. The lace sections are knit in Botichelli Red and the garter sections are knit in Eggplant. I absolutely love how this turned out!

I really hope you will check this pattern out and give it a knit! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me on Ravelry (JessieLynn) or via email ( I’d love to hear from you.

Tag me in your photos on instagram (@jess_knits) so I can see your beautiful Lagertha cowls!

~Happy Knitting~


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Finished Project: Lamina Wrap

It seems like it takes me forever to finish a project, especially sweaters and shawls. Well, I finally finished this beautiful wrap!

The pattern is Lamina Wrap by Ambah O’Brien. I’ve linked the pattern in case anyone is interested in it. Ambah is one of my favorite knit designers for shawls and wraps! Her patterns are beautiful and enjoyable to knit. Especially when you pair them up with your favorite yarns!

For this wrap I used Madelintosh Twist Light in the Himiko colorway for the contrasting garter stripes. I used House of A La Mode sock yarn in the Dewey colorway for the lace sections. I love how the two colors paired together turned out.

You can see my Ravelry project page with progress photos and notes on my Dewey Wrap project.